• Purchase Photographs

    If you recently attended an event or photoshoot and would like to purchase photographs, please visit my Instaproofs gallery. CLICK HERE

  • Information about purchasing photographs

    I use a service called Instaproofs to host and manage my photos for sale.  Instaproofs will collect payment,  name, address, and order info which will be forwarded to me.  After your order is received I send all open orders to print on Thursday, and then mail them out the following week.  Any questions feel free to contact me.


    If an event is no longer available for you to purchase a photograph, please CONTACT ME and I will make it available for you.

  • Questions about photographing me / my event. . .

    If you have any questions from price to availability, please feel free to call me or contact me at any time.  I will respond to your inquiry as quickly as I can.

All photographs are property of Jonathan Dadekian.

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